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Take your traditional side dish of roasted broccoli to the next level with this recipe of Lemon Roasted Broccolini with Pancetta and Breadcrumbs.

Roasted Broccoli is sprinkled with a delicious and crunchy lemon, thyme, and pancetta breadcrumb mixture. If you are looking for a tasty new way to serve broccoli for Thanksgiving, or really for any other meal, you need to try this Lemon Roasted Broccolini with Pancetta and Breadcrumbs!

I have been wanting to do a few things with broccolini.
  •     Add bacon or pancetta to roasted broccolini
  •     Make some kind of insanely good crispy breadcrumb mixture  to put on roasted broccoli
  •     Make a lemon roasted broccolini 

I ended up combining all 3 of these things into 1 recipe because I couldn’t decide which one sounded best!
I ate a whole plate of this for lunch after the first time I made it.

For the Roasted Broccolini

  •     2 1/2 pounds Broccolini
  •     2 tablespoon Olive Oil
  •     Salts, to taste
  •     Pepper, to taste
  •     1/2 - 1 teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper
  •     1 tablespoon Lemon Juice

For the Pancetta Breadcrumbs
  •     4 ounces Pancetta
  •     5 Garlic Cloves, sliced thin
  •     1 cup Panko Breadcrumbs
  •     1 teaspoon Lemon Zest
  •     2 teaspoons Fresh Thyme Leaves

For the Roasted Broccolini
  1.     Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.
  2.     Add the broccolini to a large baking sheet, or two if necessary so they are not overlapping.
  3.     Drizzle with the olive oil, and stir around to coat.
  4.     Season, to taste, with salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper
  5.     Roast at 425 degrees F for 15 - 20 minutes, or until desired doneness.

For the Pancetta Breadcrumbs

  1. While the broccolini is roasting, prepare the breadcrumb mixture.
  2. Add the pancetta to a medium saute pan and cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until it is browned and slightly crispy and the fat is rendered. About 4 minutes.
  3. Add the breadcrumbs to the pancetta and cook for another 4 minutes, until the mixture becomes fragrant.
  4. Then, add the garlic, thyme, and lemon zest. Cook for 1 more minute. Remove from heat and set aside.

To Serve

  1. Lay the roasted broccolini out on a large serving platter and drizzle with the lemon juice.
  2. Then, sprinkle lightly with about 1/3 of the total breadcrumb mixture.
  3. Serve, with the remaining breadcrumb mixture in a bowl for adding to individual servings as desired.

The breadcrumb mixture can be made up to 3 hours ahead of time and kept at room temperature on a plate. Make sure to spread it out as that will help it stay crisp, rather than layering it in a smaller bowl.
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